The CAT's Pyjamas

an English tailor in the late seventeen
and early eighteen hundreds
made fine silk pajamas for royalty
and other rich patrons.
His name was E. B. Katz.

His marketing
as well as his workmanship
was considered outstanding.

King George III
favored Katz’s pyjamas
for its fine color and silk
over any other sleepwear. 

The phrase
"the cat's pyjamas"
became popular
in the United States
in the 1920's.

During that time, pyjamas
were a relatively new fashion style.

In addition, the word CAT
was used as a term to describe
the flappers of the jazz era - and men
who were fortunate enough to see
a beautiful woman dressed
in fashionable lounging pyjamas
would comment on his luck as being
the cat’s pyjamas.